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Hundreds of events…

30 years of experience

Give your parties a psychedelic and professional dimension... with our magical machines that embellish every event


From the first Pink Floyd concerts to the present day, psychedelic projections with liquids, moires, kaleidoscopes have always given a unique and warm character to concerts and events.

Light shows, light artists and mappings have multiplied, because the visual aspect of an event is very important.

Live concerts, Dj sets, festivals, Psycholights guarantees a unique lighting for your event.

Bernd Koch, founder of Psycholights, specialises in creating psychedelic atmospheres, liquid lights, projected decorations in a vision that encompasses the entire venue, not just the stage…

Bernd Koch profil


It all started 30 years ago in techno parties, unusual raves, with transformed slide projectors and home-made painted effects…

And we quickly went beyond the stage, to use the whole place and even the audience as a projection screen, so that the lighting service embraces and embellishes the whole party space and transforms it into a magical universe


Thanks to the versatility and number of our famous Optikinetics Solar 250 projectors, often spread all over the place, and a large choice of liquid and black effects, we have been able to embellish hundreds of events, Festivals, Concerts and also unusual weddings and make the public dream and travel in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.


Our lighting has the advantage of being hallucinogenic but not aggressive, we can decorate cliffs, castles, buildings, and other spaces, in case of lack of support, we also have flexible and translucent screens. And our work goes very well with classic stage lighting…

From big techno electro trance masses to psychedelic rock festivals, we have the experience of hundreds of events and a good capacity to adapt to even the most unimaginable places…

Psychedelize and embellish your events!

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